November 6, 2018

NOVEMBER 6, 2018. TAMPA, FLA. Today, Kognition unveiled KOIN — a decentralized autonomous smart property (DASP) blockchain — the first of its kind, during Dreamit x Bisnow’s 2018 Innovation Summit in Tampa.

“Smart properties create a real-time stream of opportunities to generate revenue, reduce risk, optimize performance and drive ROI” said Matias Klein, CEO of Kognition. “KOIN is an idea whose time has come — a completely new category of opportunity in the build space.”

Introduced but not controlled by Kognition, KOIN is an open initiative; everyone can participate. It features a crypto token that enable participants to exchange value within its own open ecosystem. Membership is free and includes access to open source code and pre-built templates developers can utilize for smart property solutions.

Launched in 2017, Kognition is a smart property solutions provider headquarteredin Philadelphia, PA. Kognition’s platform is secure, interoperable and intelligent, enabling commercial properties to continuously monitor and analyze events on-site and take appropriate action to mitigate risk, failure, danger or damage.

KOIN builds upon, but is separate from, Kognition’s  software, and is a completely new initiative. With an open economy, open governance and open source identity that integrates traders, builders and vendors, KOIN offers significant advantages for owners and operators of smart property, as well as for smart property hardware, software and service providers.

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