KOIN token owners will benefit greatly from the advantages of KOIN. With KOIN, contracts are simplified, faster, and transactions are free. With its unalterable, distributed ledger, KOIN enables highly automated and transparent documentation for all transactions. On the KOIN network, payments happen instantaneously, and there is no need for currency conversions of any kind.

Open Economy

KOIN tokens can be used to exchange smart property, software, hardware, and services in the KOIN marketplace.

Open Governance

One KOIN equals on vote on all matters of governance. Token holders vote on issues including the KOIN constitution, operating bylaws, roadmap and project funding decisions.

Project Fund

The KOIN project fund actively invests to expand and improve the KOIN ecosystem. Tokens earned through the KOIN project fund are distributed pro ratably to KOIN token holders of record.

Free Transactions

KOIN token holders conduct secure transactions free of charge through the KOIN network.


The KOIN initiative offers bounties to contributors and rewards to network validators (aka miners) for validating smart property transactions on the KOIN DASP blockchain.