What is KOIN?
A network. A platform.
A crypto utility token.
A community.

KOIN is the world’s only truly open economy for smart property that is free to join and use. KOIN offers a permissionless, public blockchain built specifically to enable creation, management, and trading of decentralized autonomous smart property (DASP).

KOIN is governed by its owners. KOIN token owners vote on the KOIN constitution, operating bylaws, roadmap and project funding decisions.

KOIN’s DASP platform offers open source code with pre-built templates. Developers can leverage this framework to rapidly create, launch, and commercialize DASP apps and solutions faster than with any other blockchain in existence.

KOIN addresses the primary requirements for comprehensive management of smart property: ownership, control, interoperability, security and intelligence.

KOIN delivers:

  • A decentralized, immutable ledger of smart property transactions and smart contracts

  • A primary destination for smart property creation, management, and trading

  • A free, open and robust smart property marketplace

  • A robust and self-sustaining ecosystem for smart property solutions

  • Interoperability, security, and intelligence standards for smart properties