The world’s first open network and open economy for smart property.

Autonomous smart property is here.

Secure, interoperable, and intelligent — now your property can execute even the most complex business processes — autonomously. Ever vigilant, constantly monitored, and always taking proactive appropriate action. Smart properties generate a real-time stream of opportunities to generate revenue, reduce risk, optimize performance and drive ROI.

Introducing KOIN. KOIN facilitates a synergistic relationship between smart property owners, traders, builders and vendors that optimizes value for all. With KOIN, decentralized, autonomous smart property (DASP) can now be built, managed, and traded effortlessly and securely in an open economy built specifically for smart property.

Smart contracts for smart property.

KOIN’s purpose-built blockchain was designed specifically for smart property. The KOIN blockchain is the world’s first blockchain to support the creation, management, and trading of decentralized autonomous smart property (DASP). As described in the KOIN whitepaper, a DASP blockchain must specify:

  • Ownership

    Who owns this property?

  • Control

    What controls are available to whom?

  • Interoperability

    Is this property compatible with existing infrastructure?

  • Security

    Is this secure and monitored on an ongoing basis?

  • Intelligence

    What decisions, if any, are being made and how?

  • Open Initiative

    The KOIN project is free to join, and open to everyone.

  • Open Economy

    A truly level, global playing field for the instant exchange of smart property without middlemen or fees.

  • Open Governance

    A free market where one KOIN equals one vote in all matters of KOIN governance.

  • Open Source

    Free open source software and tools to integrate KOIN with your product or service.

  • Blockchain Technology

    The KOIN DASP blockchain provides an immutable ledger with smart contracts designed specifically for smart property.

  • KOIN Tokens

    KOIN token holders receive special dividends, never pay transaction fees, and can freely trade smart property in the KOIN marketplace.

Decentralized, autonomous smart property platform